We offer a variety of heirloom plant starts for sale March-July each year. If you are interested in purchasing plants, just contact us via email.

Tomatoes - $10 per plant

We start our tomatoes in early January so that we can pot them up several times before they are ready to be planted up. Each time the plant is potted up, we bury the stem up to the top of a larger pot. This allows the plant to grow new roots along the stem and results in a stronger root system. Because of this our indeterminate plants can reach up to 10 feet tall and will produce all season long.

We offer the following varieties of heirloom tomato plants:

Cherry/Grape Size Tomatoes

  • Black Cherry

  • Koralik

  • Yellow Gooseberry

  • Minibel (great container plant)

  • Pink Bumblebee

Small-Medium Sized Tomatoes

  • Japanese Black Trifele

  • Marglobe Supreme

  • Roma

  • San Marzano Lungo

  • Goldman Italian American

  • Dark Galaxy

  • Royal Chico

  • Principe Borghese

  • Abu Rawan

  • Pink Boar

  • Lucid Gem

  • Wagner Blue Green

  • Tomatillos

Large Beefsteak Sized Tomatoes

  • Mortgage Lifter

  • Pink Brandywine

  • Black Brandywine


Peppers- $5 per plant

We also offer several varieties of heirloom pepper plants, including:

  • Zulu Black Bell

  • Poblano

  • Hatch Green Chili

  • Serrano

  • Jalapeno

  • Chocolate Habanero

  • Banana

  • Shishito

  • Tiny Bell

  • Habanada


Squash and Cucumbers - $5 per plant

We offer several varieties of summer squash, winter squash and cucumbers.

Squash Varieties:

  • Delicata

  • Spaghetti

  • Honey Boat Delicata

  • Sugar Pie Pumpkin

  • Zucchini Bianco

  • Lebanese Bush Marrow

  • Black Beauty Zucchini

  • Butternut

  • Mini Red Turban

Cucumber Varieties:

  • Boston Pickling

  • Early Fortune

  • Beit Alpha


Special Request Growing

We can grow starter plants of any particular type of vegetable plant you want as long as you give us enough notice. Special orders will add $3 to your order per variety of plant.

For special order tomatoes or peppers, please let us know by February 1.

For all other spring planting special order plants, please let us know by March 1.

For fall planting special order plants, please let us know by June 1.